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  1. Hi Jenny! What an adventure you guys will have!! You are certainly “living life.” Way to go!!!

  2. how great is this adventure going to be!!!!! Can’t wait for updates once you’re on your way.

  3. Hey There!
    You met my husband recently, Erik, at Buffalo Wild Wings with Dan & Lisa Weck. He’s telling me about his conversation with the 2 of you, and all about how you are going to do the PCT!! How exciting!! We will def be tracking your trip and living vicariously through you for the next 6 months! If you need anything sent to you, let us know, we’d be happy to mail out some supplies. Take LOTS of pictures!! You prob know this already but the desert is SUPER COLD at night! Like HOT as hell during the day, and the coldest place on earth once the sun sets! Be prepared for that. And the sound of the coyotes howling at night is a bit unsettling! You’ll get used to it, lol. I’ve been camping & rock climbing in J-Tree, years ago, and I could not believe how frickin’ cold it was at night! And windy… we had to put our tent behind a huge huge boulder just to block the wind a bit so we could sleep. If you happen to detour through Seattle, let us know, we have lots of great contacts there for you! Have a great trip, be safe and best of luck!! -Danielle and Erik

    • Thanks guys for all the well wishes! You are spot on about the temps out here…I can’t believe how wicked hot it gets during the day! It’s unrelenting! Luckily we’re toting 20 degree bags – we’ve certainly been grateful for them so far…

  4. How exciting. Can’t wait to read about your adventures. Frankie does have some fun relatives in northern Calif and Seattle area. If you need any addresses let me know. They both live in really cool places; one on a lake and the other on the sound facing downtown Seattle.

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