Day 84 – Carson Pass to South Lake Tahoe – 12 miles

We tried to get an early start today but slept through our alarm. I guess that means we needed our rest. Instead we were up and leaving camp around our regular time, which was no big deal since we only had about 12 miles to make today. The morning was overcast and surprisingly cool. It made for nice climbing as we ascended to a ridge on the Tahoe Rim and got our first sight of the huge lake below.

We crossed long meadows, passed by more beautiful lakes, and started a stumbling descent over granite rocks and boulders on our way down. We finally came out into a parking lot for a ski and sledding area – deserted, obviously – and walked north to the highway to hitch into town. Hwy 50 was a major road and the cars were roaring along. It took us a while to catch anyone’s eye but just as we were starting to think about heading up the trail to another likely spot someone pulled over. He couldn’t take us all the way down but he could bring us to civilization, and from there we were on our way.

A few rides later we were fully immersed in the crowds and confusion of town. We got a lot done – picked up our packages, bought some supplies and snacks, and found a hotel. Then it was time to catch the bus, and after that, showers, laundry, and a real bed. We are always glad to get into town – and we know that in just a few days we’ll be glad to leave.

– Posted from the PCT

Location:Pct mile 1092

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